EPC Project of Tail Gas Treatment in Changzhou Qihui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Project Type: RTO Waste Gas Treatment EPC Project

Shandong Qifa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Lianxiao Fermentation Project

Project Type: Continuous digestion fermentation project

Avermectin Fermentation Project of Qilu Pharmaceutical (Inner Mongolia) Co., Ltd.

Project Type: Continuous sterilization project

Phase II Extension Project of Zeolite Series Environmental Protection Material of China Energy Saving Wanrun Co., Ltd. Phase IV Project of Sewage Station

赢咖3代理 Project for Wastewater Treatment

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specializes in integrated environmental solution and commits to near-zero emissions of pollutants in the industrial enterprises.

Morlans is a national high-tech enterprise with academician workstation. It includes environmental protection equipment division and the wastewater

treatment department, providing advanced waste gas, wastewater treatment unit technology and energy-saving and emission reduction

technology for hundreds of customers across the country. 


 Hebei Morlans Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.            


Address: 24/F, Tower A, Tianshan Science and Technology Park, No. 310, Changjiang Avenue, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China

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